Chris Catania

New Book Coming for Community-Driven and Community-Curious Leaders!

Make Community your competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Discover how to use the power of community and digital networks to increase revenue, reduce costs, drive innovation, build relationships and inspire employees. 

Transform your organization into a Community-First Company. 

- Meet Chris Catania -

Chris is an award-winning enterprise community builder, futurist and workplace collaboration expert. For more than 20 years, he has helped organizations leverage the power of community and collaboration to deepen trust, increase loyalty, build better products, drive engagement, save millions in costs and grow top-line revenue. As a keynote speaker, consultant and strategist, he has helped leaders transform disengaged customers into loyal and passionate brand advocates. He has led clients to create a digital workplace that connects and builds strong employee relationships and networks. 

Today he delivers keynotes and leads workshops to empower leaders to leverage community as a strategic asset in the workplace and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Email him at

- What's In It For You - 

The Community-First Company book is for leaders ready to transform your culture and customer experience.

Community-Driven Mindset, Mission, Vision and Growth Strategies

Community-First is a better way to lead, collaborate, build relationships with colleagues and deepen trust with customers. Create community strategies that drive revenue growth, reduce costs, and increase retention and customer satisfaction. 

Unlock Innovation and Level Up Customer Success

Discover how to use community to empower customers to succeed, create lifetime loyalty and cultivate brand advocates. Learn why you need to enable employees to use community in their work and how to do it. 

Community-Led Next Practices For Customer Experience

Discover how to enhance key touchpoints across the customer lifecycle. Learn how to integrate community into business operations: CX, technical support, events, product development, customer success, marketing and sales.

Measure Community ROI and Evaluate Business Impact

Community-First Companies use frameworks, systems and technology to measure business impact and  value. Learn how to build your community measurement strategy and tech stack. 

Ready to Begin Your Journey To Become a Community-First Company?

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